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Getting Started

There are two ways to install the package.

#1. Package Manager

# npm
npm i tippy.js

# Yarn
yarn add tippy.js

In your application, import the tippy module, and the core CSS:

import tippy from 'tippy.js';
import 'tippy.js/dist/tippy.css';

This assumes you're using a module bundler like webpack, Rollup, or Parcel. If you're getting an error message about process inside the browser, see the FAQ for help.

#2. CDN

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Place them at the very bottom of the <body>, ensuring they are placed before your own scripts. The version numbers after @ are important, make sure they don't get removed.

#Development version

While developing, it's recommended to use the development file which includes helpful warnings and error messages when something goes wrong:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

When you're finished developing (or deploying for production), you can remove everything after @5 (the production file as listed before).

#Node vs. Browser

This documentation defaults to module imports in all examples, so be aware that the following import path using a module bundler in Node:

import 'tippy.js/dist/backdrop.css';

Is equivalent to this using a CDN in the browser:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />


Tippy includes a CSS stylesheet by default for the base tooltip styling, fade animation, CSS arrows, and other required CSS.


When including the script link above via CDN, the CSS stylesheet is injected into its own <style> tag in <head>. If you have CSP enabled, you should use dist/tippy.iife.js and link the stylesheet dist/tippy.css separately instead of relying on injection.


View the package contents on unpkg

  • dist/tippy-bundle.js = Core JS + Core CSS injected into <head> (default for CDN version)
  • dist/tippy.js = Core JS (default for ESM/CJS versions)
  • dist/tippy.css = Core CSS

#Component wrappers

#JavaScript syntax

This documentation is making use of new JavaScript features (ES6+) that old browsers like IE11 do not support. Although Tippy.js itself supports IE11, the code written in these docs may need to be transpiled using a tool like Babel to a compatible format if you want to copy and paste it.

DemoCreating Tooltips