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Tippy Instance

A tippy instance is an individual tippy object. It has a bunch of properties and methods that contain information and functionality to manipulate the tippy programmatically.

#Accessing an instance

tippy() creates new instances. It returns a single instance or an array of instances depending on the type of argument it's supplied.


The instance is directly returned, as this represents a single target:

// type Instance
const instance = tippy(document.querySelector('button'));

#String, NodeList, Element[]

An array of instances are returned, as these represent multiple targets:

// type Instance[]
const instances1 = tippy('button');
const instances2 = tippy([element1, element2]);
const instances3 = tippy(document.querySelectorAll('.btn'));

#_tippy property

If you need to access the instance later, this property can be useful if you didn't assign the instance(s) to a variable:

const button = document.querySelector('button');
const instance = button._tippy;

Both the reference element and the popper element have the instance attached as this property.

#Shape and properties

instance is a plain object. It's best to log it out yourself and investigate in DevTools: